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Kevin Noruwa

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Web development

I use the latest technologies that is going to keep your website clean and up to date

Problem solver

I love to solve problems when it comes to building, reconstructing or maintaining a website

Web design

I can build any design that is put in front of me and make it look even better



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About Me

Kevin Noruwa

Web Developer

I was always the most tech-savvy growing up in the house ( at least in my head, I actually believed this). My parents loved to call on me for help when it came to computers because I used to call my self the "technician" in the house. In reality, I was no technician. I just was good when it came down to basic computer stuff. I took a computer science class in high school as my elective thought it would be cool, but it was not as good as I imagined in my head. Computer games all day, no home work, and no tests is more of what I was dreaming of; instead we got a bunch of Excel projects. Once I got to college, I realized I had this creative side to me. I loved making videos & editing and just creating things and thinking of ideas from scratch. I was originally going to school for physical therapy, a job that I would not have enjoyed it because of the slow pace and long boring hours. I stumbled upon code on youtube, and as soon as I saw the whole concept of code and creating things from scratch using the computer, I fell in love with it. I switched my path. I knew in an instant this is what I was meant to do for the rest of my life. Create things

-the Unknown developer